**Note  you will only be able to add contacts to a Channel if you are the Channel owner or if the Channel owner has given you permission to add contacts to the Channel.
 There are two ways to add contacts to a Channel:
 1. If they have already been added to Your Contacts panel then all you have to do is click Contacts from the left side menu. Locate the contact you wish to add to the Channel and drag them to the Channel area.

 2. If they are a new contact you can add them directly into a Channel by clicking the avatar entitled Add.

From here, you will be prompted to enter the contact’s name and email. Click Add Person button to complete the process. Once verified by TitanFile, they will be added to the Channel.

**Tip: When you add a new contact to a Channel their information will be automatically added to Your Contacts panel so you don't have to input their information every time you need to share with them.
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