We are very sorry you are experiencing trouble, but we'll get you up and running in no time! This issue most often solved by taking the following steps:
First make sure that your client's email is spelled correctly. To do this simply hover over their avatar until their information appears.

If the email address is in fact wrong, feel free to add the user again with the correct email address and the issue should correct itself immediately.
If the email address is right there is a possibility your client's notifications are landing in their junk/spam folder. It is an unfortunate reality that some emails will end up there. Please advise your client of this known issue and get them to check there first.
For the future, this article will show you how to make sure that TitanFile notifications only go to your inbox rather than your junk/spam..
If you have checked for both of these problems and are still experiencing the issue please contact us immediately.

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