There can be a couple reasons for which your file will not upload:

1. There is a connection error
An error can occur if you are not connected to the internet or if the TitanFile application is temporarily down. To make sure that you are connected to the system, check the cloud icon in the top navigation. If you see a red X, then there is a connection error.

To fix the error, first make sure that you are connected to the internet, if this is true then try to refresh the page. If the error persists, contact TitanFile support.

2. You have exceeded the file upload size
If the file you are trying to upload is too large an error message will appear in your Channel.

If you have a free account, your maximum file upload size is 100MB, a Pro account - 1GB and an Enterprise allows you to upload files up to 4GB. If you wish to upgrade your account, please contact us today.

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