Before you share a file you have to first create a channel and add contacts to the Channel.
Now you are ready to start sharing!
The first step is to navigate to the channel where you would like to send a file.
Next - there are two ways you can share files:

 1. If a file is new and has not been previously shared or uploaded you can add it directly into the Channel by clicking the Attach Files button or dragging and dropping it directly from your desktop.

2. If the file has already been shared or uploaded previously, you can access it from the Your Files panel by selecting Files from the left side menu. After you have located the file you wish to share, simply drag it to the channel.

Once you've added the file, click Send to complete the upload. Your file will now appear in the Channel and a notification will be sent to your Channel contacts.
 *Tip: once you have uploaded a file to a Channel, it will also appear in Your Files, so that you can easily share it with other Channels or contacts.

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