On occasion, emails from the TitanFile platform can get stuck in a subscriber's spam filter. There are two main spam filters being used by most organizations, Postini and Mimecast. We have included instructions below for configuring spam filters for these services.
If you do not use one of the following spam filters but are still finding TitanFile emails in your spam folder please add notifications@app.titanfile.com to approved senders list or address book.
Instructions for Postini
Please add notifications@app.titanfile.com to your approved senders list in your Postini junk mail settings. If multiple staff members are having an issue receiving email from @app.titanfile.com, a Postini administrator can add TitanFile to the approved senders list at an organizational level.
Instructions for Mimecast

By default, Mimecast applies the rules to the Message Envelope information, where you would see something like mail187-199.suw11.mandrillapp.com instead of @app.titanfile.com.

To filter by app.titanfile.com, you would need to create a new Permitted Senders policy based on the Message Header information, this is where app.titanfile.com appears.

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