Welcome to TitanFile Secure Deposit Box, the easy and secure way for collaborators to send files without having to set up a TitanFile account. Simply just follow a link, upload your file, add a message, and send!

This guide will show you how to use this feature.

How does it work?

Imagine Secure Deposit Box as a “collections box” that a subscription holder can set up to collect files from their collaborators, such as yourself. Because the collector has no need to respond to the uploader, the Secure Deposit Box is used only for one-way file exchange.

How do I send files to my collaborator?

You must first arrive at their Secure Deposit Box page. This will either be provided to you as a link by your collaborator or as an embedded link on a website you were asked to go to. Your destination should look like the screen below.

Once at this page, type in your name, email address if you want the receiver to be able to respond to you, select your file, and add a message. Hit Send and your file will be securely sent to your collaborator.

To see how Secure Deposit Box is used in action, please refer to our tutorial video here.

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