Welcome to TitanFile!

Whether you have seen how TitanFile is used or not, there are a few things you want to get familiar with before you start sending files like a TitanFile expert. Luckily, TitanFile follows the same workflow as an email message and is just as easy so it will take you no time to get there!

If you are a subscription holder and have signed up for an account with TitanFile, find your guide here.

If you are using accessing your account for the first time through an email notification inviting you to access files or messages with the app, you are in the right place!

Your email notification is the first screen you are seeing. To access files or reply to the message, simply click the green button.

You should then be seeing a setup screen once you click the green button in your email notification. (For the sake of the example, you are Samantha Johnson and your email is sjohnson@titanfile.com)

Once you set up your account, you will be taken directly to the channel where the message or files are located.

To respond to Lisa, type into the message box and click

to add your desired documents and/or files.

To add additional recipients, click this icon:

When you are done attaching files, hit

Voila! You have officially sent files via TitanFile. Your recipient will now receive an email notification that will allow them to access the files and reply.

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