There are three main reasons why a TitanFile member may not receive a password reset email:

1. You have triggered a password reset on the wrong server domain

Where your data is hosted is dependent on your geographic location. Therefore, if you are a Canadian client, your data will be hosted on Canadian servers, and if you are American, your data will be hosted on American servers. Each server has a corresponding domain (or URL).

For Canadian servers, this domain is
For American servers, this domain is
For clients with custom servers, this domain is [custom name] (custom name depends on what was assigned by the client)

To resolve, please ensure you are using the right server domain for your geographic location or for your specific firm. In the case that you do not know what is the custom domain of the server you are signing into, please contact Support or simply ask your internal contact in the firm.

2. You have put in an incorrect email address

Inputting the incorrect email address, especially an email address that is not associated with a TitanFile account, will result in a password reset of the wrong account or no password reset at all. In either cases, you will not receive a password reset email notification.

To resolve, ensure you are inputting the correct email address that you have signed up your TitanFile account with. This should be the email address from which you receive TitanFile email notifications.

3. Your email domain has TitanFile blacklisted

Often times, corporate email domains will have a spam filter to protect employee inboxes from unwanted messages. However, sometimes these filters will also blacklist TitanFile, making the recipient unable to receive email notifications.

To resolve, contact your IT or Tech Support to have TitanFile whitelisted, or removed from your company's blacklist.

If none of the solutions above work, contact us at or by calling our toll-free number +1 (855) 315-6012 and we would be happy to assist you.

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