To get a TitanFile Secure Deposit Box you first have to have a Professional or Enterprise licence. If you already have one, send an email or TitanFile message to along with the following items:

  • The names and emails of contacts you wish to be included in your Secure Deposit Box. These are going to be people who your clients can send files to within your company. (See left side column in the example below).
  • A high resolution company logo (preferably in PNG format)
  • Your email signature, including your phone number, company address, and any other information you wish to include. This information will be used in file notifications sent to your clients.

Once we have your information, your page will be up and running in no time and it will look something like this:

You also have the option of having this Secure Deposit Box embedded into a page on your company website. To learn more about this contact us today.

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