Let's say you receive an email from a collaborator, and you click the green button within the email notification. This green button will either say 'Access Files' or 'Reply to Message'.

Once you click the button, you log into your account and receive this error:

Why did this happen?

If this has happened to you, this means that you are not the intended recipient of the message. If a channel owner shares a file with the intended recipient and the recipient forwards this email to yourself, you will not be able to access the channel.

As seen in the first image, the intended recipient is Lana Johnson. Therefore, only Lana Johnson can access the channel from that email.

How do I resolve this issue?

To resolve, simply ask the channel owner to add you to the channel and send you a message. This way you can access the channel and its files.

In the future, please ensure the sender of your email notification is notifications@app.titanfile.com to verify if you were the intended recipient.

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