Have you ever added a new contact to a channel, sent them a message, and received any of the following messages?

Error 1: Emails to this contact have been rejected. Make sure the email is correct, remove and re-add the contact to fix this issue.

Error 2: The email address has been rejected and is not receiving emails at this time. Please double check the contact.

Error 3: Inbox message - "Emails to contact with email are being rejected.

If so, you have received an email rejected error. An email rejected error is an error that allows the channel owner to know that the email address they have added to their channel is invalid. Email addresses can be deemed as invalid if:

  • The email address does not exist

  • The email address has a spam filter or domain restriction that does not receive TitanFile email notifications

  • The email address is temporarily disabled resulting in a bounce (i.e. connection error, system disruption, etc.)

To solve this issue, please ensure that you have inputted the correct email address with no typing errors and/or contact the intended recipient's IT support to have TitanFile white-listed, or taken off of the blacklist, to allow them to receive your notification.

Please note that even if all the above errors are cleared, the red triangle signal will still remain. This does not prevent you from sending the intended recipients your messages as there are no longer any disruptions preventing you from doing so. The red triangle is displayed only to let you know that there was a disruption.

To clear the signal, please contact TitanFile Support.

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