If you are ever attempting to access files on behalf of another person through a forwarded TitanFile notification email they've sent you or if someone has sent you a TitanFile message to the wrong email address, you will notice that the email address cannot be changed once you enter the registration box.

One of our most common use case for this situation typically involve lawyers and their assistants. Often times, assistants need to be able to access files on the lawyer's behalf. In the case that a lawyer is new to TitanFile, the assistant will attempt to access the files on their behalf and end up seeing the following screens:

As the email that is shown is the lawyer's account, the assistant cannot change it or access the files necessary.

How to solve this issue

Ask the channel owner to add you to the channel, or ask the intended recipient to download and send you the file. For security reasons, only the channel owner has the authority to decide which email addresses can access the files. Therefore, you cannot put in a different email address to access their channel.

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