The impersonation feature allows only TitanFile subscription administrators (also known as licence holders with subscription rights) to better facilitate communication between internal staff and external collaborators by allowing specific users to impersonate other users within the subscription.
 For example, let's say Lana Johnson is the main account administrator and she wants to impersonate her assistant, Kiana Ashley. Lana would have to go to Options on the left panel and find the employee under Manage Users. From there, she must click on the face icon next to Kiana's name.

A screen will then ask if you wish to impersonate the selected member. Click Confirm to continue.
 Once Lana is inside Kiana's account, she may retrieve files, send messages, and everything else she can normally do in her own TitanFile account. For this example, Lana is attempting to send a message to Sammi through Kiana's account.
 Internally, both Kiana and Lana can see that Lana has accessed Kiana's account and her activities in the account. However, externally, the history will be shown as Kiana.

 Exhibit 1. What Internal Users (Kiana and Lana) See

 Exhibit 2. What External Users (Sammi) See

 Find out how to allow a managed user to impersonate another manager user here.

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