TitanFile gives you the option to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on a communication channel for an additional layer of security.

**Note: By default, this option is not enabled on your subscription. Please contact us to have it enabled.

With 2FA enabled, you'll  now see a new option called "Require Two-Factor Authentication when adding a contact to a channel. If this option is checked off, the contact will need to enter a PIN code to access the channel's contents. The PIN code will be delivered to contacts via SMS or voice call.

After checking off this option and clicking Add Person, you will be required to enter a phone number for the contact.

**Note: Phone numbers for contacts can be changed in the Contacts tab inside a channel.

Click Add Person.

Now, proceed to sending files and/or messages.

The contact will receive a notification from TitanFile indicating that they've received a new message and files from TitanFile.

When the contact tries to access the channel, a 2FA prompt will appear to notify the contact that a PIN has been sent. They will have the option to choose SMS or Voice to receive their PIN.

**Note: In the screenshot below, we've censored the 4 digits for privacy reasons.

Once they receive their pin, they can enter it in the next screen to verify it.

If the correct PIN is entered, they will now have access to the channel's contents.

Configuring or editing 2FA for an existing contact

To configure or edit 2FA for an existing contact inside of a channel, go to the Contacts tab and click on the pencil icon next to the contact you wish to edit 2FA for.

You will have the option to enable/disable 2FA or change the 2FA phone number for the contact.

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