When you add a new contacts to an existing channel that contains messages, they can be notified automatically with the Notify New Channel Contacts feature.

Here is an example of a notification the new contact will receive:

Only the the new contact will be automatically notified. Existing channel contacts will not receive a notification that someone was added to the channel.

When does this feature come in handy?

  • When you've already sent a message but forgot to add a contact

  • When you want to add a new contact to a channel and notify the person without having to send a message to everyone in the channel

**Note: If a channel does not contain existing messages, this notification will not be sent to the contact. This is to prevent multiple email notifications to contacts when a message or file is sent from a new channel.

To have this feature enabled on your subscription, please contact us. Once enabled, all existing channels and new channels will be affected.

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