In some scenarios, you may want to share confidential documents with someone without requiring them to log into TitanFile. This is where the Channel Password feature will come in handy.

TitanFile's Channel Password feature gives you the option to add a password to a channel. When a channel password is set, recipients will need to enter a password to gain access to the channel.

To set a password for a channel, first, go to the channel's Options tab.

Then enable the "Open access channel" option. This will prevent contacts from having to log in to view and download files.

Next, check the box next to Channel password and click the Save button.

A screen will pop up asking you to create a channel password. When you're done, click Save.

All set! When recipients try to access the channel, they'll be asked to enter the channel password.

You can edit a channel's password by clicking on the grey pencil icon next to Channel password in the channel's Options tab.

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