TitanFile now supports DocuSign integration - making it easy for both you and your contacts to sign documents shared on TitanFile.

To enable DocuSign integration on your subscription, please contact us.

Once DocuSign integration has been enabled on your subscription, you can follow along in the video or instructions below to start using DocuSign with TitanFile.

Authorize access to your DocuSign account by going to Options > Integrations.

And then check off the "Individual Users may self-authorize" option and click save. Then click the "Authorize as Individual" button.

**Note: Before you can use DocuSign with TitanFile, you will need a DocuSign account. If you do not already have a DocuSign account, you can purchase DocuSign envelopes from TitanFile to use with your TitanFile subscription. Contact us to learn more.

Once DocuSign integration is set up, you can now request signatures on documents uploaded to TitanFile.

First, find your list of files in the Files tab.

Then, simply click on the dropdown arrow next to the file you want to request a signature for. Click the Sign option.

From that point, you will be redirected to DocuSign where you can prepare the document and send it to your recipients for signature.

Once the file is signed by all parties, the file will be automatically re-uploaded to the channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TitanFile send my files to DocuSign servers when I use the DocuSign feature?

Yes. TitanFile provides a warning before any files are sent. If you proceed, TitanFile sends your files over to DocuSign securely, using an encrypted channel.

Data residency in DocuSign will depend on your DocuSign account configuration. More information on data residency can be found here.

Why does TitanFile use DocuSign for digital signatures?

DocuSign is a top requested signature provider among the TitanFile customer base. DocuSign has a wide variety of features that makes enforcing documents signed by DocuSign safe. You can learn more at DocuSign.com.

How do I sign multiple files at once?

TitanFile’s DocuSign integration lets you sign multiple files at once. To sign multiple files:

1. Go into the Files tab.

2. To select a file, click an empty part of the file’s row, away from the file name. (Clicking the file name will download the file.) Notice that the background of the row darkens, showing that it is selected:

3. Repeat for all files you want to select. Then click Sign Files

Hint: You can choose a folder name to store all your signed files on the confirmation screen. When you sign multiple files, all the files are stored individually in a folder.

Do I need a paid DocuSign account to send files?

Yes. TitanFile integrates into DocuSign. But users still need a DocuSign account. Users can get a free trial at DocuSign.com.

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