About Shared Mailboxes

Sometimes, when communicating with a client or otherwise, you’ll run into a situation where you don’t want to send or receive a confidential package on behalf of your personal mailbox but instead, through a shared mailbox.

This is where TitanFile's Shared Mailbox feature comes in handy.

Shared Mailbox enables you to maintain good security and compliance practices by sharing a mailbox with your colleagues without having to share login credentials. As a result, TitanFile’s full audit logs and tracking capabilities are kept intact so administrators always have visibility into who did what, when, and where.

With Shared Mailboxes, collaborators can easily and conveniently switch from their personal TitanFile accounts into a generalized shared mailbox, covering a variety of different use cases including:

  1. Easily and securely collaborate with colleagues

  2. Providing clients/recipients with a clearly defined business email address

  3. Sending and receiving confidential information on behalf of an entity

As a friendly reminder, the purpose of TitanFile’s shared mailboxes is to prevent users from sharing credentials. When sharing credentials, you are compromising account security, making the account more vulnerable to attacks, and putting yourself at risk of losing access to the account/your data entirely.

How to use TitanFile's Shared Mailbox feature

**Note: Only subscription administrators can add managed users to a shared mailbox.

To create a shared mailbox, go to Options > Manage Delegates > then click Add Delegate.

**Note: if you do not see the Manage Delegates tab, contact us.

In the popup, type in the Delegate Email and Delegated Member Email.

  • Delegate Email is the person you wish to add to the shared mailbox.

  • Delegated Member Email is the email for the shared mailbox.

Next, tick the boxes at the bottom to enable the delegate to log in and send on behalf of the shared mailbox.

Then, click Add Delegate.

Once you've assigned a delegate to a shared mailbox, the delegate will be listed in the Manage Delegates list.

The delegate can now access the shared mailbox by clicking on their name in the top right corner and selecting the shared mailbox.

While in the shared mailbox, the delegate can create new channels and collaborate in existing channels on behalf of the shared mailbox.

If the delegate's personal TitanFile account is a contact in a channel owned by the shared mailbox, they can quickly switch between sending on behalf of their personal account or on behalf of the shared mailbox by clicking a dropdown menu.

When the delegate performs an action in the shared mailbox, it will be recorded in the shared mailbox's activity logs.

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