With TitanFile's Lock Channels feature, you can lock and unlock channels. Locking channels can be useful for use cases where:

  • You want to prevent all contacts from accessing the channel's files

  • You don't want new information to be added to the channel

**Note: This feature is currently in beta. To request access, please contact us.

Locking a channel

To lock a channel, first, open the channel you wish to lock. Then, click on the channel's menu and select Lock Channel.

A few things will happen once a channel is locked:

  • The message box and Attach Files, Attach Folder, and Send buttons will disappear

  • An error message will pop up when a contact tries to download a file

  • A red "Locked" indicator will appear in the channel's header

  • The channel will remain locked until it is manually unlocked by a channel owner

Unlocking a channel

To unlock a channel, go to the channel's menu and select Unlock Channel. Only channel owners will be able to unlock channels.

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