After uploading a folder or creating a new folder inside of a TitanFile channel, it’s easy to add additional files to it at any time. To add files to an existing folder, follow these steps:

1. First, navigate into the Files tab. This will give you access to the folder tree where you can view and open existing folders inside of the channel.

2. In the folder tree on the left, select the folder you want to add files to. This will open that folder and enable you to add files to it.

3. Click on the Attach Files button and then select the files you wish to add from your computer. Then, click Open.

Note: You can also upload a subfolder into the folder by using the Attach Folder button, selecting a folder on your computer, and clicking Upload.

4. Once you click Send, you will see that the files or folder have been uploaded into the folder.

Need to remove files from a folder? Learn how here.

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